Sarah Shines Art

Sarah Shines Art

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 day off

... rough start to my day.
 I notice while makin coffee the hubby was acting strange.. I asked him if he was ok.. He wasn't doing so hot.  He didn't sleep all nite.. He was in severe pain and unable to move his head to the right side.. and his right chest, shoulder and arm were in pain.  He broke down and wanted me to call the doctor.. He shared that he woke up sunday morning with numbness on the right side of his face, arm and chest. He didn't want to scare me or the kids.. Doesn't want to be a burden.. He is my tough guy and has a real high tolerance for pain.

He has Multiple Sclerosis.

We are still new to this crazy chronic debilitating disease. He is learning how to accept what each day will bring him.. and I am learning how to be his supporter and caretaker.  Watching him for clues.. listening to what he's not saying.  We held each other and cried.  Its very scary and frustrating.. cause you still have to go to work.. still have to keep going.  I got an appt for him tomorrow afternoon.. got my work day rearranged so I can go with him.  Thank you for FMLA. Thank you supportive team at work. so much appreciated!

Then I got to work filing our taxes... and then rewarded myself with some painting time... He's shy and private about what is going on with him..but I shared on my fb page.. a call for prayers and support from family and friends.. I showed him my post (he isn't tech savy) and what family & friends had shared.. <3 folks texted him words of love and support.. Letting him know he isn't alone.. its not just the two of us.

A blessing came from our taxes.. we are getting a refund.. WE NEVER get a refund... we will be able to pay off our back federal taxes.. and pay off last years MRI bill... and get the tv & couch fixed. And still save some for a rainy day.

Kids and I will be participating in the Annual WalkMS event in Eugene, OR May 3rd. 

 To raise awareness.. raise donations to find 
a cure for this terrible disease.  
If you are interested in donating.. 
please click here: Team Lesion Fighters

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