Sarah Shines Art

Sarah Shines Art


I believe in true love, hard work does pay off 
and anyone can be an artist

I love Coffee, Sunsets, Daffodils and Sci-fi Movies  

I am committed to teaching myself 
and others to be an artist

When I'm not painting a stunning sunset 
or working on my cookbook, 
you can find me working on my blog, 
making a mess in the studio
or sitting in a sunny window 
dreaming about the next project.

I am starting my adventures with Art. 
I have been painting, drawing, crafting, 
creating something my whole life. 

I am ready to take flight and grow new wings.. 
my dream is to become...a teacher, a licensed artist.
I would like to have my work in a gallery.
I wish to travel the world in a vintage trailer and 
share my passion, my talent.

Everyone has always asked me
WHY - Don't you, WHY haven't you, WHY can't you?
What has held me back?
What keeps me from becoming that girl?
I want to post what is in my heart. On my sleeve.
What I see.. what I create on canvas..
on a wall (I LOVE Murals)
I will be sharing how I overcome my fears.. 
Walk myself through those moments of self doubt.

Please join me on my journey... 
I'd Love your feedback..