Sarah Shines Art

Sarah Shines Art

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

and then its December

What an amazing year... so much has been accomplished.. I have conquered so much... I have been able to create some amazing works of art!

Thank you for taking time out of your day and reading my blog.. Following on my facebook artist page.

I hope I can continue updating my blog with a little more frequency.. I have so much to learn about blogging... just getting my feet wet.. found a great book to help me...
I love going to the book store and browsing what is available to educate myself in what catches my interests and inspires me to create!

I went to a super fun photo shoot back in October... it was a birthday present for myself... they turned out suuuuper cute.  Very uplifting and inspiring!
As some of you who know me.. I am a bit of a screwball!
Love being goofy.
Thank you Michelle from The Defiant Diva Boutique

my upcycled belt bracelets were so fun to do this last few months.. I had my first etsy sale..
 hope I can get them polished and be more successful in selling them.. gotta find my market.

You can find my bracelets and my prints on my etsy site:
I created some amazing belt buckle pendants... so fun.. have some many more to make! LOL
I will be working on getting these onto my etsy site soon!

You can also contact me directly for Commissions - 
or to purchase something you see on my public artist page on Facebook... 
I would be happy to deliver if you are in the area or ship for FREE
if you see something you have to have! 

I was able to attend the 2nd friday art walk this month at the Hearts for Hospice shop in downtown Springfield, OR.  Had some snafoo's... gonna push thru them and see what January holds for me.

The ladies loved my art and I hope we can get together again soon!!! here's a few pics at the shop

I have my chin up and and thinking cap on! WHat CAN I DO this NEXT YEAR!!!

I got the tree up.. have a nice evening with the kids getting their ornaments on..
Melancholy moment.. they are almost grown... Very proud of my two children.
They are beautiful in their hearts.. Smart in their minds and so very talented.

All in all, I've had an amazing year as an artist... 
have gotten to do some amazing things.
I will continue to keep trying, keep learning, keep creating!
Thank you again for following me on my blog!

I hope you and your's has a very Merry Christmas!
and a Safe New year <3

Thursday, November 20, 2014

November is - Overwhelming, Crazy, Stressful and AMAZING!

November - is - 

So - after getting accepted into another Holiday Bazaar, I got to crack-a-lackin'!!! I am sharing this photo what I have created, priced and logged in to get ready.. Since they are selling my items for me. OMG!!!!
Blood, sweat, cranky husband (stuff is everywhere!) - and a week and a half later... I am ready.
Car is loaded to the roof top.  Itemized price list is done (minus some misc. items)
I will be going after work directly out to the venue to get set up.

I hope I can take a few photo's.  Its my first time at their event. Nervous!

So many folks are sending my invites to a few other bazaars.. but I am not going to have time to get more stuff made and work the regular job.

We had another scare with the old dog today.. She would stop vomiting(sorry) this morning. Just as me and the kids were getting ready for school and work.

I included some photo's of the Upcycled Belt Buckle Pendants & Necklaces.. 
they turned out soo cute!

I had to call out, which sooo stresses me out. I feel so guilty when I can't work.. even when I am sick. She pulled thru.. started drinking, eating and going to the bathroom. Really just hoping she got into something her tummy said -YUCK to... Praying she stays mellow and no more health scares.  She was such a good girl and tried to get outside to be sick... her big sad brown eyes said how yucky she was feeling.

I need your support and prayers that this event is successful.  I have some commissions to get to finally. Now that I am done busting out bracelets, pendants and what not.  So... wish me luck!
Things fly out the door!

Then I will be going to the 2nd friday art walk in December- have tons of belts and buckles to make more product. Will wait and see how the bazaar goes.
I would love to play with my prints and put them on some neat surfaces...
We'll see what happens.

I did get to paint the windows for the daycare center.. Turned out super cute.. I put photos together on youtube.. Check them out! Window painting for daycare

..... can I wave my magic wand... to make my life just a little easier.  I love what I do. Enjoy every step I am taking and what works for me and what doesn't.  Just wish.. someone could look into my mind, my heart and get "IT" why I have to create.. why it screams to be let out.
I have tried several times to bottle up and pack away.. that need.   and it just barrells back into my life.  I want to create full time. I know I can.  I am capable. But there are soo many obstacles blocking my path to success.
I am happy with what we have.. but just wish I could lock the door and put it away each day.. not have to pack it all back up and be able to move...breathe.

Some day... it will happen.  just taking it day by day.

I can't believe how the two items below turned out... who would have thunk!!!! Gift Bag's!!! upcycled!!! LOVE IT!!! just a peak into some of the items I made for the Bazaar! 

Thanks for stopping by.. hope to have another update soon.
Thanks!!!! LOVE each moment- its a blessing!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

amazed...humble & Blessed...


I have not had an update since September.  Regular job took me out of town for several days. Then I took 11 day vacation for the last week of early archery season.  I was successful and harvested a 3pt Bull Elk & a 6pt Whitetail deer.
 My husband & I went without our children this year.  We really needed the quality time.  I was blessed to fill both my tags within 2 days.. Which allowed my husband to hunt to his hearts content without me slowing him down.  We had a blast.. We had a young 5pt bull elk walk silently up to within 15ft away from us.  My first time being that close to that large of an animal.  Amazing!  My husband didn't have any success but did help call in several different animals.

 beautiful Oregon

I proceeded to create over 70 belt bracelets while hubby hunted and I stayed in camp.  He had a hot meal waiting for him every night.  I used every last metal snap!

 Bald Eagle Feather - we stumbled upon in the forest

so then I painted an 18x24 inch canvas for an event for work, I was donating the painting.

Final Result
My view in Elk Camp - overlooking creek
I celebrated my 40th birthday in October. It was pretty epic to say the least... I got my wish!!! I got to paint a mural downstairs, where customers can see my work.
I hope someday... I can travel and paint more murals... Wait and see what happens!

 Regular Job asked me to paint a mural to cover up the ugly metal door to mall - while its under construction.  I had 5 days to make five 4ft x 10ft panels of plywood.  I got help from fellow co-worker - Thanks Mr. Blue!!!
 I primed the panels on monday..

Pinch me.. this is happening!!!!

I set 1 panel aside and focused on the 4 main panels... chalked in general idea of where I wanted everything.  I did not do a practice sketch... just what you see on this board. I used three photos of old growth timber to reference scene.

I got background and the trees done tuesday.

My sweet view of the Sasquatch to be....

On Wednesday, I had two sweet ladies that were mall walkers ask to take a photo with me! :) then I got them to take this pic. My inner Wonder Woman was coming thru here!! LOL 

Friday at 12pm, I got the mural into place in front of the metal door.
I am finishing up the rocks to blend into the water feature and rocks surrounding mural.
A little HAM!!! 

Mr. Sasquatch turned out great... I paid homage to the vintage footage that everyone see's when you google bigfoot. There are 3 family members in the mural as well. Not hidden but have to stand and look at the mural before you notice them right away.  Customers have really enjoyed the mural.  Taking photos with it.   Just today, myself and our HR team to a group photo in front of the mural for our holiday photos.
Stop by some time and see the only Cabela's with a Sasquatch Mural. 

 Designed and Painted by Me!
IN FOUR DAYS!!!!!!!!

November has come in with grace and the beauty of fall. 
I was able to participate in a holiday bazaar last weekend.

I didn't do well. I was feeling discouraged overall with where I am at with my art.  
I sat down on Sunday morning... made a list of what I have accomplished in the last year: 
*Started my etsy site.  
*Signed up with Society6 (I've had a few sells) and Zazzle.  
*Made an Artist Page on Facebook - show my portfolio.  
*finally ordered real business cards! Vistaprint was great and really great prices!!! 
* sold a print on canvas from my Beautiful girl mixed media piece. 18 x 24 inch
*started making more upcycled art and jewelry.
* sold some of my belt bracelets :)
* was able to make a lot of stock during hunting season.
* received a 3 commissions for custom paintings (2 completed)
* made custom bracelets for clients (3x's)

I still want to build a community of other artists that I can talk to bounce off of.
so Sunday after reading my paper.. I went to Etsy Team Oregon Event - signed up and 
hopefully in the future we can brainstorm... 

I posted on my sites that I am for hire during the holidays to decorate homes and paint windows.
as I post... I get a message, then a phone call from a customer referral from last years client - FINS drive in...Thank you!!!I will be painting windows at a day care next monday - weather prevailing... fingers crossed.

I got up on monday morning and I had my first ETSY sale!!!
 a bracelet got shipped to California.
PINCH ME!!! then....
I was invited to participate in holiday bazaar that will let me drop my product off and they set up and sell it for me!!! WHAT!!! So cool!

I was invited to showcase during Downtown Springfield 2nd Friday Art Walk!!!!!!( I thought it was too late cause I didn't get back in touch with the ladies last month)

Update on my "archery instructor" I got the job...just waiting to get liability insurance.. and signing a contract... :) I won't start teaching until March 2015.  But I have to committed to 1 day a week, 6 week sessions. I will be teaching adults.
See where this will take me.....

Holy CoW!!! what a crazy start to my week! - I was past due to share and update my blog.
Thank you for taking time to read it! Please send me a comment or feed back.. would you like me to share more??? 
I am still learning the whole BLOG thing. Taking baby steps and I am try not to be too hard on myself.  
I still feel like a clock is ticking... and not doing something everyday to get me to my dream of someday working full time on my art... makes me feel bummed.. and I'm slacking on the job.

I love my regular job.. but my heart says... paint! Create! Grow! Let Go! and Fly!!! 
breathing... taking one day at a time.

I need to make new goals.. I think thats what I will share on my next post.. and hopefully how I did on my bazaar.  and the art walk... sigh.... I can see another month just slipping away...