Sarah Shines Art

Sarah Shines Art

Saturday, March 5, 2016

March Madness!!!

Shop Owner Michelle & I at her GRAND OPENING!

I have my upcycled bracelets
in The Defiant Diva - Boutique
in Springfield, OR!
Shop owner Michelle- has been
asking for me to get in 
her shop for a while... 
so excited to see them in there. 

I can make the bracelets fit any wrist size.. Some are one of a kind- if something catches your eye.. 
go to my FACEBOOK Site
I have also signed up to have a table at her 
Click on image to go to event page!!!

I have also been working on growing my
business by investing in tools that can
teach me how to grow my Etsy Shop,
Connect my potential customers to my
social media- and a bunch of other 
REALLY boring stuff... 
but you know what..
It's been very enlightening!!! 

I am doing a lot of things right... 
there are area's of improvement that I can make... 
taking small steps to get me towards
my daily goals, monthly and eventually my
annual goals..

How do you connect to potential customers?
How do I find other artist's that I can learn from?

How can I make my business grow and eventually earn
enough income to be self sustaining so I can leave the day job? and invest myself full time into creating my art?

I have sooo many questions- GAAHAHAH!!!!
Where do I start?

well.... I lucked out and got connected via email to an amazing class- that streamed live the last few days for FREE!

So much info!!!! have 2 more days to go.
will try to get some of it in-

Last Thursday... I also was graciously sent
a link to

I can't express how AWESOME,
ACTION filled, Challenging, SIMPLE
the lessons have been.

THANK YOU! for the gifts- 
I have some great
tools to get me going 
in the right direction-
to grow my art business successfully!


I will be attending this event- 
Stay tuned---- 
I will be posting sneak peek at
my items on my instagram site 
when its closer to the event date!