Sarah Shines Art

Sarah Shines Art

Sunday, April 20, 2014

update on hubby...

We are waiting for Dr. to get back on results of Blood work and MRI's of his Brain and Spinal cord.  He came down with nasty cold over the weekend.. hasn't felt well all weekend.. Slept most of it.
Hope for answers.. new lesion activity.. cell count ok.  Diabeties complications?? lots of questions. Praying we are moving forward and not backwards in his treatment for Multiple Sclerosis - He has Relapsing Remitting MS.

Amazing Weekend!!!

Crazy, fun, exciting, speechless! 
I am officially a Level 2 Archery Instructor! Passed my test.. waiting for my certificate.  

After I completed my course saturday.. I rushed to visit a friend at Rosie's Art Carnival in Florence, OR.  She was still there.. got to share what I'd been up to since the last time I'd seen her.. She does amazing art.. and its at the Back Street Gallery 
 Tracy Webster
Tracy Webster

I only had a half hour till the shops all closed at 5pm.. I almost didn't go into this one shop "The Chicken Coop on Maple"
but I hadn't been in before..Miss Ellen greeted me & we began to talk.. I spied this cute journal.. which I had to get.. Love Dandelions <3 
Curly Girl Design
I shared that I was an artist.. & showed her my artwork.. some pieces I had done recently... she was thrilled with my work and asked if I'd make her some pieces for her shop!!! SHUT the FRONT DOOR!!! My heart started racing.. and I felt a magical moment come over me.  Its starting... My someday is starting today... 
How do I express what I feel... I am so truly blessed.  
To fall into the right person at the right time.  
Miss Linda - At Cedar, Sage & Roses. who pokes me and gets me working! 

Miss Carol - for helping me to BE BRAVE and take that first step.. 
Got me to sit down and make my etsy Shop SarahShinesArtsyShop

Miss Kelly - that first time I heard those WHISPERS!

So much has happened in the last year.. so much more to come.  

My heart is swelling.. aches from the passion waiting to burst out and onto canvas.. wood.. paper.. what ever i can put it on!

Today I finished my three little canvases I started for my D.A.P.L e-course.. I have some more homework to do.. and I will be working on the other 3 canvases I started.. 

Hope you like my work. 

I have also made some new items on - click on this link:* if you see something you want in a different style please email me at 
I can make and post it to the Zazzle site.  
Thanks for reading my blog! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

..something New for ME!

so excited to try this new sight! Shop from this like for this super cute top! LOVE BLESSED*

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

... my reward for getting taxes done

got to work on the 6x6 canvases that 
I started sunday for my DAPL e-course
 I used some wax that I melted on the FAITH canvas.. 
its very pretty in person.
hope scanner catches the richness.

I will scan them after I do a few more things to them.. 
I think they needs some words.. 
cell phone camera does not do them justice. day off

... rough start to my day.
 I notice while makin coffee the hubby was acting strange.. I asked him if he was ok.. He wasn't doing so hot.  He didn't sleep all nite.. He was in severe pain and unable to move his head to the right side.. and his right chest, shoulder and arm were in pain.  He broke down and wanted me to call the doctor.. He shared that he woke up sunday morning with numbness on the right side of his face, arm and chest. He didn't want to scare me or the kids.. Doesn't want to be a burden.. He is my tough guy and has a real high tolerance for pain.

He has Multiple Sclerosis.

We are still new to this crazy chronic debilitating disease. He is learning how to accept what each day will bring him.. and I am learning how to be his supporter and caretaker.  Watching him for clues.. listening to what he's not saying.  We held each other and cried.  Its very scary and frustrating.. cause you still have to go to work.. still have to keep going.  I got an appt for him tomorrow afternoon.. got my work day rearranged so I can go with him.  Thank you for FMLA. Thank you supportive team at work. so much appreciated!

Then I got to work filing our taxes... and then rewarded myself with some painting time... He's shy and private about what is going on with him..but I shared on my fb page.. a call for prayers and support from family and friends.. I showed him my post (he isn't tech savy) and what family & friends had shared.. <3 folks texted him words of love and support.. Letting him know he isn't alone.. its not just the two of us.

A blessing came from our taxes.. we are getting a refund.. WE NEVER get a refund... we will be able to pay off our back federal taxes.. and pay off last years MRI bill... and get the tv & couch fixed. And still save some for a rainy day.

Kids and I will be participating in the Annual WalkMS event in Eugene, OR May 3rd. 

 To raise awareness.. raise donations to find 
a cure for this terrible disease.  
If you are interested in donating.. 
please click here: Team Lesion Fighters

Monday, April 14, 2014

busy day.. its sorta my friday..

so fun surprise today - very nice thank you 
from some special ladies...
 let me go on a shopping spree at my favorite craft store!

I did a little ME shopping.
some for my E-course class

I was hoping to get some gold/silver leafing supplies and some beeswax. But it will have to wait.

I will be doing the TAXES(yuck!) tomorrow.. stinks to wait til last minute but couldn't be helped.
I will reward myself with some painting time! 
I have homework to read tonight from today's email from DAPL.  

I will be also working on my blog outline.. * things to talk about, * my Artist Vision Statement, * my short term goals, *long term goals, * Where do I want to go, * what do I want to accomplish, * My WISHES! * my DREAMS!  
These two books are helping me with my path.. helping me to listen, to learn, to grow, 
Challenge myself, get out of my comfy jammies ~ 
into my 6 inch I mean Business Heals!

 This Book is Amazing!! Even though I am almost done raising my children.. It helps to remind me I have value.. I'm not just a MoM!
Easy to read and follow prompts.

I have ordered most if not all my books from Very reliable and easy to find books.. Make a wish list to keep wants and wishes ready for when I can buy them when I am ready.

very special
I got it about 
a year ago... 

shortly after an amazing trip to the coast with my two kids.
We need to do it again. I looove the Oregon Coast.

While walking in Old Town, 
I found this picture on a 
coffee mug..
Trumpets Blaring.. Heart thumping... Something inside me CLICKED!

Ever since that day.. 
I have been taking steps 
to get me to where 
I am today. Some big girl steps.. some baby ones. 
I have joined some exciting and uplifting groups on Facebook. 
LOVE! You!

I would love to meet Kelly Rae Roberts! Give a big THank You! for sharing your talent! your love! your GRACE!

I did it!

So here it is.. my first blog.. blog post.. burning the midnight oil.. I find its the quietest time for me to get things done!!! 

Where do I start... First. Thanks for stopping by! Taking baby steps.. so bare with me :)
Some of you that are close to me know that the last few years have been CRAZY!! But.. deep breath in.. I have survived.  
Lost folks along the way... renewed strength in longtime friendships.. 
and have made new connections.  Sooo many great connections..

I am going to keep this short, since its so late.. but I promise to come back soon.. going to try to post at least once a week... work my way up. I have a plan.. and this blog is gonna hold me to it!!!
Please stay tuned.. have so much to learn.. to share.. to do.. The Door's are opening.. I am Listening to the Whispers.. more on that next time I post!
 my possibilitarian <3