Sarah Shines Art

Sarah Shines Art

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

and then its December

What an amazing year... so much has been accomplished.. I have conquered so much... I have been able to create some amazing works of art!

Thank you for taking time out of your day and reading my blog.. Following on my facebook artist page.

I hope I can continue updating my blog with a little more frequency.. I have so much to learn about blogging... just getting my feet wet.. found a great book to help me...
I love going to the book store and browsing what is available to educate myself in what catches my interests and inspires me to create!

I went to a super fun photo shoot back in October... it was a birthday present for myself... they turned out suuuuper cute.  Very uplifting and inspiring!
As some of you who know me.. I am a bit of a screwball!
Love being goofy.
Thank you Michelle from The Defiant Diva Boutique

my upcycled belt bracelets were so fun to do this last few months.. I had my first etsy sale..
 hope I can get them polished and be more successful in selling them.. gotta find my market.

You can find my bracelets and my prints on my etsy site:
I created some amazing belt buckle pendants... so fun.. have some many more to make! LOL
I will be working on getting these onto my etsy site soon!

You can also contact me directly for Commissions - 
or to purchase something you see on my public artist page on Facebook... 
I would be happy to deliver if you are in the area or ship for FREE
if you see something you have to have! 

I was able to attend the 2nd friday art walk this month at the Hearts for Hospice shop in downtown Springfield, OR.  Had some snafoo's... gonna push thru them and see what January holds for me.

The ladies loved my art and I hope we can get together again soon!!! here's a few pics at the shop

I have my chin up and and thinking cap on! WHat CAN I DO this NEXT YEAR!!!

I got the tree up.. have a nice evening with the kids getting their ornaments on..
Melancholy moment.. they are almost grown... Very proud of my two children.
They are beautiful in their hearts.. Smart in their minds and so very talented.

All in all, I've had an amazing year as an artist... 
have gotten to do some amazing things.
I will continue to keep trying, keep learning, keep creating!
Thank you again for following me on my blog!

I hope you and your's has a very Merry Christmas!
and a Safe New year <3