Sarah Shines Art

Sarah Shines Art

Thursday, June 2, 2016

JUNE- IT's too SOON!

Hey- Y'all! Sorry its been so long in posting- Its been since March! 
Why does time have to fly so fast... 
I've been a busy, busy Girl! to say the least!!!

I've posted a few pics of each event I've been able to do in the last 3 months, starting with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation- Banquet-
It was the first time I set up my art and jewelry up for a large booth- I absolutely loved how it turned out! Sadly I had 2 small sales... the advertising was very limited. Lesson learned-
I took away some very valuable lessons.  I did take away some very nice pics of the booth.

As you can see the sign I made turned out AWEsOME!!!

I made a very cool mixed media antler piece.
It hangs over my desk in my office at work. <3
very pretty!

The Defiant Diva Fashion Show was a great success! 
Will definitely do it again!!!

The Defiant Diva now has some of my custom 
Upcycled Belt Bracelets in their shop

we made our own Rubber Stamps!
Can't wait to make some more when time allows!

I was invited to teach a painting class
and a jewelry making class for Springfield Cabelas-
Ladies Day Out event- 
We had a great time - and created some great art!
Both classes were a big hit. :)

I got this made for my new ride :)
-still kicking around the idea to paint my
logo on the back window....hmmmmm.

Lot's of room for my class tools- or for an event!

These amazing artists - accepted my offer to teach them 
how to paint a really great painting for the birthday girl
that hosted the party at her home. Thank you Megan!!!

Lastly, I am getting ready for a Beautiful Vintage Fair!
hosted by Sweet Salvage
money raised for the raffle - entrance fee
will go towards the Walterville Grange's New roof!

Some of the upcycled jewelry I've been 
working on these last few weeks!!!!

Worked on getting my booth set up.. save time and stress.. 
Come by friday and Saturday!!!! 
June 3 & 4
Walterville Grange!

I will post a full update on my blog - once I recover!!! ;0)

Next weekend on June 10th our Son Graduates
High School! WOW!!!! 
and my Mother is getting Married-
with our son's graduation party finishing up the saturday evening!!

Say a prayer - these next few weekends go smoothly.
with all the prep work I've been doing.. 

So much has been going on... I've neglected this site.
Sadly, we lost our old girl Precious in April, 
We adopted her in November 2008, when she was 9

She was so Sweet, everything I ever needed in a dog.

My art studio buddy.

She took a few years to warm up to Cuddling,

sharing space on the sofa... 
then I was demoted to the other end...

She was just.... amazing.
She would have been 18 years old in October.
She had lost alot of weigh.. and her body was tired.
So it was time.
We took her to a special spot... Duane and I.
As we pulled off the road.. 3 does were bedded down in the meadow.. we laid her to rest in.

I've had the grief locked in my heart for these 
last few months..I just didn't want to feel it.
Losing a dear friend was very hard.
She's not hurting anymore... 
she's with her original owner...
she was only our's for a short time.

Rest easy old girl. 
Thank you for coming 
into our lives.
Watching over us. and sneaking all 
the cookies over the years.

Duane's MS has been rearing its ugly head in the last few weeks. We are holding on and hanging in there.. as of today we are waiting on the results on the MRI's he had done last week. stay tuned... 

Summer is here... and life goes on even when 
we don't want it to....
I hope to have some slow time soon... sigh!......

Thank you for stopping by... reading my blog...


Saturday, March 5, 2016

March Madness!!!

Shop Owner Michelle & I at her GRAND OPENING!

I have my upcycled bracelets
in The Defiant Diva - Boutique
in Springfield, OR!
Shop owner Michelle- has been
asking for me to get in 
her shop for a while... 
so excited to see them in there. 

I can make the bracelets fit any wrist size.. Some are one of a kind- if something catches your eye.. 
go to my FACEBOOK Site
I have also signed up to have a table at her 
Click on image to go to event page!!!

I have also been working on growing my
business by investing in tools that can
teach me how to grow my Etsy Shop,
Connect my potential customers to my
social media- and a bunch of other 
REALLY boring stuff... 
but you know what..
It's been very enlightening!!! 

I am doing a lot of things right... 
there are area's of improvement that I can make... 
taking small steps to get me towards
my daily goals, monthly and eventually my
annual goals..

How do you connect to potential customers?
How do I find other artist's that I can learn from?

How can I make my business grow and eventually earn
enough income to be self sustaining so I can leave the day job? and invest myself full time into creating my art?

I have sooo many questions- GAAHAHAH!!!!
Where do I start?

well.... I lucked out and got connected via email to an amazing class- that streamed live the last few days for FREE!

So much info!!!! have 2 more days to go.
will try to get some of it in-

Last Thursday... I also was graciously sent
a link to

I can't express how AWESOME,
ACTION filled, Challenging, SIMPLE
the lessons have been.

THANK YOU! for the gifts- 
I have some great
tools to get me going 
in the right direction-
to grow my art business successfully!


I will be attending this event- 
Stay tuned---- 
I will be posting sneak peek at
my items on my instagram site 
when its closer to the event date!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February AWESomeNESS!!!!

Hey Y'all!
Lot's happening this month...
quick update

I am currently being featured as the ARTIST of the Month

Just saw this amazing post from fellow artist- WHO is INSPIRING!!!

Alysse Hennessey -This looks wonderful. I love it when coffee shops manage their own gallery space. It's a win win situation for local artists and having a beautiful coffee house with exciting new work on the walls every month. Fresh art brings more customers.

I went back on a quite sunday morning... spent some alone time...
Thinking, strategizing- Dreaming 

This is the first time all my art has been hung together!!!

Made sure to stop by the Springfield 2nd Friday Art walk-
Met the owner of a new gallery! and asked to be featured in their gallery!

This amazing interactive Art Show at the ESAP pop up Gallery
was breath taking!!!

My amazing!!! <3 BFF - Treated my husband and I to
see Brad Paisley- (I didn't care about him so much as)

I shared with her my story about hearing her Song- Burning House
in Elk Camp while painting - and couldn't stop listening...
She is an amazing music artist!!!

She ASKED for a hug! SHUT the Front door!!!!
thank you Brandy <3
Thank you CAM <3

I want to fly!!! thank you for stopping by!
Say hello!