Sarah Shines Art

Sarah Shines Art

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

my day off from Regular JOB...

I was able to finally complete this little 6x6 canvas today! I deconstructed a silk flower and added some glitter.. Love Love Love!
I have been working on this canvas for my e-course DAPL.  
Its really coming along.. I have used it to do all the different techniques in the class.
Warm Colors... random paint.. flow. Brayer, Sand paper.  Splatter. Stencils. using my fingers.
different mediums.. mod podge, Thick gel medium for body.. Gold leafing. Carving into gel medium for texture. Using a doily for stencils. spray paint. pencil. stamps. layering paper. used three main colors.. Neon Pink Orange and primary yellow. Black and white as accents.

I also got to try a gelli printing technique.. I will post some of the papers I made.. next time!
have a great week.

Monday, May 5, 2014

I FINALLY got to give this painting to a very special young woman! 
My first she-art with a Mom in it... 
hmmm.. more to come??
I was inspired by this 
beautiful young mother 
of soon to be 2.
Counting down the days!

...phew! Caught up, Now onto May!

Eugene, OR

photo taken by Jeremy Mabe Photography

 My Mom - MS MARVEL!         


       two goofy girls! Duckin it up!!!

My Daughter - GREEN LANTERN GIRL       

Had a Blast this year with some CRAZY KIDS!!! 
My Nieces and a Friend
Thank you all who showed their support by Donating or Walking!

What Happened in April -2

My husband and I at the Oregon Coast. 
 He drove over to spend a nice night away from home...
after my first class for Archery Certification.
We RARELY get to get away! I scored a great price at a simple hotel.. 
We had a nice dinner... then got to see the sun set.. with 3 minutes to spare!
We had a really rough month, as I shared in an early post..update-on-hubby
His MS is terrible to deal with some days.. But he makes the most 
out of each day.  I read his que's when he struggling or needs to let it out.
That day was a good day.  Love you babe! >3

What Happened in April?

I Got Certified as a 
Level 1 & 2 Archery Instructor!
I can teach archery classes!
Me at the Regular Job.. 
Shoulder is back in shape so I can shoot bows.. 
Showing customers how to anchor when shooting

I had my old Bowtech Tribute for
8 years!! it was time.. my new bow
weighs 3 lbs!!!

This is my reaction to 
my first two arrows hitting 
each other in the target!!
I am STOKED! Can't wait to shoot
it next weekend at the 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

past due to post!

What a month April was! so much happened! good, not so good.. and wonderful! I am a busy girl with my hand in many pots...
New position at regular job started last monday.. and officially have new schedule starting tomorrow.. I am no longer having to close! So looking forward to spending more time with my family... and getting to work more on my art! May even be able to make a schedule!

I purchased a new planner to keep me organized.
I will be making sure I have regular job in top shape
as well as my Creative Job.. what do I call myself?
What do I want to do?
I kind of touched on that in an earlier post...
I have so much I want to do.. and where do I start!

HAVE to make an OUTLINE..
Short term Goals
Long term Goals.
Where do I want to go and 
What do I want to do with my Talents!

I have so many big ideas and lofty dreams!

My art e-course has only a few weeks left..
I want to work more on letting go and just painting.
I also have some Have-to Do's to get done...
one of my pieces I have in Cedar, Sage and Roses
had a request to personalize it! YEAH! I love to personalize!

Speaking of personalizing! I was able to gift a beautiful painting
to a very sweet and Special person last week... I will post pics
in my next post!

Love my life.. my Blessings! My Family!