Sarah Shines Art

Sarah Shines Art

Sunday, May 4, 2014

past due to post!

What a month April was! so much happened! good, not so good.. and wonderful! I am a busy girl with my hand in many pots...
New position at regular job started last monday.. and officially have new schedule starting tomorrow.. I am no longer having to close! So looking forward to spending more time with my family... and getting to work more on my art! May even be able to make a schedule!

I purchased a new planner to keep me organized.
I will be making sure I have regular job in top shape
as well as my Creative Job.. what do I call myself?
What do I want to do?
I kind of touched on that in an earlier post...
I have so much I want to do.. and where do I start!

HAVE to make an OUTLINE..
Short term Goals
Long term Goals.
Where do I want to go and 
What do I want to do with my Talents!

I have so many big ideas and lofty dreams!

My art e-course has only a few weeks left..
I want to work more on letting go and just painting.
I also have some Have-to Do's to get done...
one of my pieces I have in Cedar, Sage and Roses
had a request to personalize it! YEAH! I love to personalize!

Speaking of personalizing! I was able to gift a beautiful painting
to a very sweet and Special person last week... I will post pics
in my next post!

Love my life.. my Blessings! My Family!

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