Sarah Shines Art

Sarah Shines Art

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February AWESomeNESS!!!!

Hey Y'all!
Lot's happening this month...
quick update

I am currently being featured as the ARTIST of the Month

Just saw this amazing post from fellow artist- WHO is INSPIRING!!!

Alysse Hennessey -This looks wonderful. I love it when coffee shops manage their own gallery space. It's a win win situation for local artists and having a beautiful coffee house with exciting new work on the walls every month. Fresh art brings more customers.

I went back on a quite sunday morning... spent some alone time...
Thinking, strategizing- Dreaming 

This is the first time all my art has been hung together!!!

Made sure to stop by the Springfield 2nd Friday Art walk-
Met the owner of a new gallery! and asked to be featured in their gallery!

This amazing interactive Art Show at the ESAP pop up Gallery
was breath taking!!!

My amazing!!! <3 BFF - Treated my husband and I to
see Brad Paisley- (I didn't care about him so much as)

I shared with her my story about hearing her Song- Burning House
in Elk Camp while painting - and couldn't stop listening...
She is an amazing music artist!!!

She ASKED for a hug! SHUT the Front door!!!!
thank you Brandy <3
Thank you CAM <3

I want to fly!!! thank you for stopping by!
Say hello!

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