Sarah Shines Art

Sarah Shines Art

Thursday, November 20, 2014

November is - Overwhelming, Crazy, Stressful and AMAZING!

November - is - 

So - after getting accepted into another Holiday Bazaar, I got to crack-a-lackin'!!! I am sharing this photo what I have created, priced and logged in to get ready.. Since they are selling my items for me. OMG!!!!
Blood, sweat, cranky husband (stuff is everywhere!) - and a week and a half later... I am ready.
Car is loaded to the roof top.  Itemized price list is done (minus some misc. items)
I will be going after work directly out to the venue to get set up.

I hope I can take a few photo's.  Its my first time at their event. Nervous!

So many folks are sending my invites to a few other bazaars.. but I am not going to have time to get more stuff made and work the regular job.

We had another scare with the old dog today.. She would stop vomiting(sorry) this morning. Just as me and the kids were getting ready for school and work.

I included some photo's of the Upcycled Belt Buckle Pendants & Necklaces.. 
they turned out soo cute!

I had to call out, which sooo stresses me out. I feel so guilty when I can't work.. even when I am sick. She pulled thru.. started drinking, eating and going to the bathroom. Really just hoping she got into something her tummy said -YUCK to... Praying she stays mellow and no more health scares.  She was such a good girl and tried to get outside to be sick... her big sad brown eyes said how yucky she was feeling.

I need your support and prayers that this event is successful.  I have some commissions to get to finally. Now that I am done busting out bracelets, pendants and what not.  So... wish me luck!
Things fly out the door!

Then I will be going to the 2nd friday art walk in December- have tons of belts and buckles to make more product. Will wait and see how the bazaar goes.
I would love to play with my prints and put them on some neat surfaces...
We'll see what happens.

I did get to paint the windows for the daycare center.. Turned out super cute.. I put photos together on youtube.. Check them out! Window painting for daycare

..... can I wave my magic wand... to make my life just a little easier.  I love what I do. Enjoy every step I am taking and what works for me and what doesn't.  Just wish.. someone could look into my mind, my heart and get "IT" why I have to create.. why it screams to be let out.
I have tried several times to bottle up and pack away.. that need.   and it just barrells back into my life.  I want to create full time. I know I can.  I am capable. But there are soo many obstacles blocking my path to success.
I am happy with what we have.. but just wish I could lock the door and put it away each day.. not have to pack it all back up and be able to move...breathe.

Some day... it will happen.  just taking it day by day.

I can't believe how the two items below turned out... who would have thunk!!!! Gift Bag's!!! upcycled!!! LOVE IT!!! just a peak into some of the items I made for the Bazaar! 

Thanks for stopping by.. hope to have another update soon.
Thanks!!!! LOVE each moment- its a blessing!

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