Sarah Shines Art

Sarah Shines Art

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

it's JULY!!! What.. wait... I wasn't done with June!

So, these last few months are just blowing by... I am not ready for july to be half over! my son's 16th birthday is this weekend..

but.. life goes on! so much has been happening in my life.. I still feel so disconnected with LIFE!
what am I doing? where am I going? where do I want to be next month? next year?

so first!!!!
I got to meet Miss Kelly Rae Roberts!!!!!!!!! Squeals!!!
Amazing day.. still seems surreal!  a Mentor dream come true.
So much has been happening in my silly little world... Doors are opening. I am growing and changing.

I am putting this sofa on my wish list... so inspiring!

so going to remember this moment... waiting for Kelly, sitting in a room that
 an artists work was on 4 walls.. surrounding me.  some day....

Some of my favorite things at the shop Garden Gallery Works ~ Hubbard, OR

I took 6 days off from work - no rest for the wicked!
I hosted a rummage sale.. made 50% of what I'd hoped to sell. but boxed up the same day and took
all housewares to goodwill before I went back to work.
I was able to get the fixtures/storage I wanted to reorganize my art studio
Still in the dining room. but now everything is easy access. and has a place!

some special things signed by Kelly Rae Roberts!

I've had this comic for a long time... funny.. its sooo me!!!

Very sweet piece I found at thrift shop! my first KRR's piece.

Little Pink cowgirl boots.. reminds me to be young and Let it GO!! 
Have fun!!!

I made this card holder for my great grandma Pat.. 
My mom got it back for me when she passed.
My dad helped me cut it.. has 2 panels for the 4 seasons..

Inspires me to keep trying. to keep creating!

Love the quote on my chalkboard I made! so ME!!
What else have I been up to!!! ?????
Well I am OFFICIALLY a CERTIFIED LEVEL 1 & 2 Archery Instructor!!!
I have completed all the test, background check become a member of USA Archery and completed Safesport!
I have a part time job in my future to become a certified Level 3- teach archery classes 
at Willamlane - Local youth & adult activity center!!!!!
Shut UP!!!

Recently I was successful in completing 3 commissions...

This print Beautiful Girl is from original, modpodged onto a canvas! LOVE!!!!

I used a photo for reference for the 3 horses.. two on the left have passed away.. owner of the horse on the left was very happy. I got the Spots just right!!! :)

Sweet Piece for a special couple! 

I took an online e-course class on how to make recycled Leather bracelets!!
LOOOOOVE these! so fun! can't wait to have a full day to just paint and stamp metal!
these are for sale as well.
Custom requests available! 
Just send me an email
$20-$45 pricing - depending on genuine leather or faux, 
single word or phrase
custom paint or design. 
Text me if you have my cell or PM me on my facebook artist page

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